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Rules of Soccer

Soccer fans have long had to explain the rules, language and complexities of the beautiful game. With the FIFA World Cup just around the corner, many Americans will be afflicted with "Soccer Fever." In a project that has taken nearly a year to complete, Minnesota United FC Director of Video Production Brad Baker sought to help those woefully uninformed soccer newbies.

"When I first joined the club, I found that a lot of Americans don't watch soccer because they don't understand the rules, which seemed odd to me because there are only a few key concepts you have to understand," said Baker. "So we set out a year ago to make the ultimate video teaching people the rules of soccer, and I feel like we succeeded."

The "Rules of Soccer" covers all aspects of the sport from jerseys (kits) to set pieces and offside. The video took one month to write, eight weeks of pre-production to plan and create a set, 30 hours of filming, six weeks of post-production editing and special effects, and involved more than a dozen professional soccer players and local actors pitching in. With special costumes, set design, and more, a video like this is far beyond the scope of anything attempted by a professional franchise before.

Brush up on your understanding of the game, share this great video with your confused friends, and help them contribute to actual soccer conversations with factual dialogue. Watch the "Rules of Soccer" today.


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